Great Relationship Book

The Christian's Guide To Mate Selection and Marital Preparation


Over 60% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. The pain and emotional suffering of separation and divorce wreaks havoc not only on families of the world but in the body of Christ as well. Selecting the wrong partner or being ill prepared for marriage undoubtedly are two major factors contributing to the ever-growing divorce rate.

The Christian’s guide to mate selection and marital preparation will give the reader, Christians and non-Christians alike the insight, wisdom and practical
strategies needed to select a competent compatible mate as well as prepare them for a long lasting lovable marriage. In this book, you will discover:What marriage really is

  • 5 reasons why couples might refuse the counsel they so desperately need to make their marriage a success
  • How to choose Mr. or Ms. Right
  • The greatest mistakes people make when choosing a mate
  • The role of your family of origin in mate selection (using the genogram)
  • How to avoid defective dating
  • How and why you should maximize your single life before getting married.
  • Six qualities to look for in a mate
  • Eight essential things you must understand before walking down the aisle.
  • Understanding blended family issues when marrying someone that already has children
  • What to do before you say “I Do”- Rules of engagement
  • Preparing for the sacrifices of companionship
  • And practical marital preparations.
This must read book is a prerequisite to a healthy happy marriage


Don't say I do without reading

Author House Publishers – January 2011 (228 pages)

♦ 6x9 Paperback ISBN 9781452089263 (soft cover) $19.95
♦6 x 9 Dust Jacket ISBN 9781452089256 (hard cover) $24.95
To order E-Book ISBN 9781452089249 $9.95

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