Seminars and workshops

How To Recognize Mr. or Ms. Right

Objective: to give practical information that will assist you in recognizing the right person and avoid the wrong one.

You will learn:

a. Recognizing the right person for you from the inside out.

b. Five stages to every relationship

c. Six mistakes we make when beginning a relationship.

d. Understanding the impact of our family of origin.

e. Issues of compatibility and being equally yoked

f. and more...

What To Do Before You Say I Do

Objective: To give Biblical and practical insight on selecting the right mate and preparing for the long-term commitment of marriage.
You will learn:

a. The importance of marital preparation

b. Choosing a mate

c. Five stages of every relationship

d. Nine wrong reasons to get married

e. Seven qualities to look for in a mate.

How To Avoid Defective Dating

Objective: To share principles that will help prevent negative consequences of making wrong decisions during the dating process.
You will learn:

a. 4 reasons not to date

b. The purpose of dating

c. The pitfalls of dating

d. Avoiding dysfunctional interactions

e. Understanding the consequences of defective dating

f. Building true friendships that lead to good


How To Make Your Marriage An Asset Instead Of a Liability

Objective: to help you look at your relationship portfolio, give insight on how to do away with liabilities and then strengthen your assets.
You will learn:
a. The purpose of making the investment in your marriage

b. Examining dysfunctional relationship patterns

c. Making an emotional investment

d. Making sure your relationship is structurally sound

e. Building a rewarding sex life

f. Cultivating good communication skills

g. Developing a conflict management strategy

h. Understanding the business of marriage

i. And more

How To Communicate With Your Child For Maximum Success
Objective: To teach practical assertive communication skills that will assist parents and help them succeed at rearing positive successful children.

You will learn:

a. To examine you parenting style

b. Understand and implement assertive communication and discipline strategies. 

c. To develop a personal success plan for your child



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